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MagnoliaMax lip Balm- .25oz

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MagnoliaMax lip Balm- .25oz
MagnoliaMax lip Balm- .25oz
Tired of lip balms that leave your lips just as dry as before you used it?
How often do you apply lip balm per day? 5 times? 10 times? more than that?
Magnolia's hydrating formula is a once a day lip moisturizer made from Sunflower Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil that last all day without a waxy feel or build up.
Magnolia's all day lip balm, MagnoliaMax is
Ultra Moisturizing 

Perfect for dry, sensitive, or normal skin 

Repairs dry cracked lips 

Helps prevent fever blister, cold sore, and weather bruised lips when used as a daily conditioner. 

Can be used with glosses or lip sticks.