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About Our Founder

Phillip Baker is the Owner and Operator with of Magnolia's Products, an organic hair and skin care products manufacturing company. In this role, Phillip looks coordinates/manages all aspects of the company, including manufacturing, sales, marketing, and accounting.
A big believer in following your dreams, Phillip supports anyone wanting to pursue their dream working with people using his business advisory service, LegalMeansLLC.
Phillip is a qualified Tricologist, holds a project manager certification through COMPtia, and holds the BS degree from WGU, in Business Administration.


Phillip is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having spent 4 years as a co-owner of a retail store, 13 years in entertainment via artist management, club/party promotions, and marketing, and 13 years as a business resource, where he  helps other realize there dream and fire their boss.
Phillip has more than 16 years of combined experience in customer service. Prior to starting his manufacturing business, Magnolia’s Products, Phillip spent 14 years as a business advisor, 5 years in marketing and management for artist, and 2 years building a digital entertainment publication.  Before leaving corporate America to pursue his own dreams, Phillip working in a customer service in the heavily regulated utilizes and communications industry, Vectren Corporation and AT&T mobility where he picked up his project management certification and a green belt in six sigma.

In 2015, Phillip also confounded Tri-State Glitter, Inc., a non for profit youth organization that focused on at risk youth, and teaches life skills such as financial literacy, health and wellness, and college/ trade preparation to girls ranging in age 5-17. In this role, he was program director.


Phillip’s mission is to service the community he grew up in, inspire youth to pursue their dreams, even if it means to go off the beaten path, and provide organic healthy products to help customers outside match the beauty within them.

Magnolia’s Products offer products such as conditioning and growth stimulating scalp treatment, Hair beard and skin oil, and Is working on the release of several other products such as a shampoo, deep conditioner, facial cleansing wipes, lotions, and body butters. All of which are either in R&D phases or product trials.

This passion for organic options for hair and skin for all ethnic types has lead Phillip to also acquire a medical certification as a Trichologist, from the United States Trichology Institute, which he uses to help formulate each product to insure the highest effectiveness as possible.


To contact Phillip email or visit the social media pages at or

Phillip is also available for private consultations and business advisory services, and can be reached visiting


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