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These Veggie Juices Actually Stop Hair Loss

These 5 Veggie Juices Actually Stop Hair Loss

Are you tired of picking up strands of hair on your bathroom tiles or over your shoulders because of hair loss? Does your hair look brittle, thin and unappealing, no matter what hair products you use? If that is the case, we’ve got a fabulous solution for all your hair loss problems. It’s natural, easy on the pocket and delectable on the palate too.

Juices or smoothies made out of vegetables are a brilliant source of nutrition for your overall body. They manage to cleanse, detoxify and rehydrate your hair and skin in particular too; let alone their renowned benefits towards the body’s immune and digestive systems too.

When you’ve got so much to take advantage of, why not allow these super healthy yet simple veggie juices do the trick for your hair loss management.


Guava Juices

 Guava juice

Image: Pexels

If your hair is on the lookout for that perfect boost of vitamin C, there’s no better place of finding it than here. Juices made out of guava are a fascinating source of antioxidants, giving you hair a radical shine and boosting its growth potential like no other. The presence of lutein and lycopene in guava also protect your hair from the everyday damages prevailed in society.




Image: Pexels

Before you begin to gross out over the ingredient garlic, hear about its magical hair benefits first.

Garlic works as both a strong anti-fungal as well as a strong anti-bacterial ingredient for your scalp. You can wave those scalp irritations, dandruff and eczema goodbye by consuming juices with garlic in it. Did we mention how common the former conditions mentioned attribute to hair loss problems?


Cucumber Juices

Cucumber Juice, Cucumber, Green Apple 

Image: Pexels

Cucumber is not only low in fat; it has all the goodness and vitality for your hair too. The presence of beta-carotene and a number of flavonoids work to give your hair the potential to regrow to new lengths as well as the right protection for your hair follicles too.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant Image: Unsplash

Known for its numerous healing properties for the skin and hair, the sticky gel of Aloe Vera is an ingredient that surely can’t be missed upon when it comes to hair loss related issues.

Aloe Vera contains all the significant vitamins for hair and skin such as beta-carotene, Vitamin B and C. Its soothing action is not only effective for scalp irritations; it works to improve the body’s immune system, which may be a leading cause for hair fall.



Carrot Juice 

Image: Pexels

Carrots are a wonderful source of biotin. Biotin works to boost hair regrowth. Their antioxidant properties also destroy toxins that are harmful to the scalp while balancing the body’s immune system at the same time.


All the ingredients mentioned above are wonderful sources for both your hair and scalp. You can consume them in your diet in raw form or blend them with one another to create healthy juices to prevent hair fall.

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