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Is Coconut Oil Right For You?

Phillip Baker

Is Coconut Oil Right for you?

Why Aren't you using Coconut Oil?


The use of coconut oil for hair should not be overlooked. Together, generations have experienced the impressive effect of this great natural substance on hair. Vitamins for hair growth contained in the oil makes it an excellent solution for those seeking how to grow hair faster. However, the application goes beyond the usual positive effects on the hair and also includes scalp nutrition. The result is thicker, stronger hair without split ends and a well-nourished, dandruff-free scalp. No wonder that Asians and Polynesians show off their long, soft, shiny hair thanks to the generous use of this magical substance.

Pure Coconut Oil

Pure (organic) coconut oil for hair is considered to be especially good. Indeed, today's most effective hair growth products use them intensively to increase the value of their brand. One of its advantages to the hair is that it slows down the greying process and also thickens the hair strands from top to bottom. It is important to mention here that the treatment of hair with coconut oil should begin as soon as you notice signs of hair thinning.

The use of coconut oil for your hair has many advantages. The best way to apply the oil to your hair is to use it immediately after showering or bathing when the hair is still wet. It does not matter whether coconut oil is liquid or solid. Take a small amount (about half a teaspoon for long hair and less for shorter hair) and place it in the palm of your hand. Rub both hands together and start applying to the tips of your hair by spreading the hair evenly and easily with your fingers. The trick is to use a sufficient amount so that the oil penetrates into the hair without leaving a greasy appearance. Use more at the hair tips, less in the middle and very little at the roots.

Even if the molecular structure of the coconut oil is adapted to penetrate the capillary stem and works wonderfully with natural capillary proteins, it is always easy to go overboard with the application and get your hair greasy. If you have applied too much, the only way to remove it is to wash the hair again.

Coconut oil can also prevent dandruff. It does not matter whether the flakes are due to dry scalp or fungal diseases such as seborrhea dermatitis, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. It also has antifungal properties. Do scalp treatments if you don't have to go public. You can try the night treatments by protecting your pillow with a plastic bag wrapped in an old towel. The first time you try coconut oil to condition your hair, choose a day when you are able to stay at home.

That's why I  recommend using a product called Magnolia’s scalp treatment. It contains a combination of herbs and extra virgin coconut oil, which is necessary for faster hair regrowth. If you use it, you will see the results very quickly.

In summary, coconut oil-based hair growth supplements help to lengthen the hair. Use one of them consistently and patiently and you will get longer, thicker and healthier locks in no time!

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