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Foods That Help in Healing Hair Loss

Suffering From Hair Loss?

Add these 7 Foods to Your Daily Diet that Help in Healing the Cause


It’s no surprise that your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining hair that is not only good to look at but feels and grows to absolute perfection. It’s all about understanding a science that relates to what you take on the inside is surely going to reflect on your outside.

Being a complete Hair loss treatment brand, Magnolia’s hair loss remedies are here to help you in reversing hair loss effects. With a proven hair loss treatment plan, we give you an insight to how you can naturally stop the causes of hair loss.

Certain foods should be avoided to prevent hair loss. What about those dietary items that promote or aid the process of hair loss healing? To help you find out, we’ve listed some of the top dietary options or super foods that are nutrition packed for your hair. With stunning results guaranteed, you’ll be sure to thank us later for sure.



Salmon, Source to help prevent hair loss

Image: Unsplash

The Salmon fish contains a whole array of goodness in the form of omega 3 fatty acids. These fats not only prevent hair loss, they work to establish healthy growth in areas where baldness is present.



Eggs, Source to help prevent hair loss

Image source: Unsplash

As previously mentioned, hard boiled eggs contain not only calcium but act as great sources of proteins of vitamin D. Since your hair is a protein strand itself, eggs revitalize it with nutrition that maintains its shine and healthy texture. And vitamin D prevents hair loss too. Whether you like it scrambled, boiled or in salads, eggs are surely the way to go.



Nuts, Source to heal prevent Hiar loss

 Image source: Pexels

Nuts are known to create a balanced diet with their essential oils. They renourish the scalp and protect the growing ends of hair shafts from harmful consequences such as color, dye, heat, and dust.


Green Vegetables

Green Veggies, Source to help prevent hair loss

 Image: Pexels

Low levels of iron and vitamin D in your diet can aggravate the process of hair fall, especially in women. To help prevent these disastrous consequences, adding ingredients such as green leafy vegetables can give your health and nutrition a boost like no other.

Examples of vegetables to include are spinach, kale, and celery. These have increased vitamin D levels as well as act as rich sources of iron and vitamin C. Incorporate a salad full of these ingredients and get on the bandwagon of healthy hair for days.



Honey, Source to help prevent hair loss 

Image: Pexels

The immense antibacterial properties of honey make it a wonderful aid in the process of hair loss. The baldness patches present on the scalp can be eliminated. When consumed in large quantities, hair that is thin in texture can be revitalized to new heights with the use of this magical ingredient.



Oysters, Source to help prevent hair loss

 Image: Unsplash

The presence of zinc in oysters is an essential element when it comes to reducing hair loss to increasing amounts. Patients suffering from conditions like alopecia can regain a major chunk of their hair back again by consuming oysters in their everyday diet.



 Seaweed, Source to help prevent hair loss

Image source

The nutrients packed inside seaweed are known for its hair beneficial properties. It increases your hair’s overall thickness as well as acts to volumize your hair to new potentials.


We all struggle from hair loss at some point in our lives. Why not use simple natural ingredients such as those mentioned above or in the extensive range of haircare products offered by Magnolia. You’ll thank us for the numerous benefits we guarantee.

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