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Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Avoid these 6 Foods to Stop Hair Loss


The notion ‘you are what you eat’ is a common slogan ranted by health and nutrition experts across the globe. Can your diet really have an effect on your hair? Do certain foods you consume contribute to the ever-growing problems of hair loss?

If you’re thinking about these types of questions, we’ll put it plain and straight for you. Foods can adversely affect your body’s hair fall mechanism, accelerating it to dangerous heights. To help your body halt the process to a complete standstill or reduce it significantly can be done by incorporating a different set of choices in your lifestyle.

And by choices here we mean food. Yes, you heard that right. We’ve listed the top foods available that you should be avoiding in order to get those beautiful tresses on point. Let’s take a look.


Foods Containing High Levels of Sugar

Foods that contain Sugar Image: Pexels

Foods that are rich in sugar are known to aggravate the process of hair loss. In case you happen to be wondering why, there’s a whole science behind it.

Sugar has been proven to increase levels of inflammation in your body. Foods containing a high glycemic index are also known to convert into sugars quickly. This means whether you’re eating sugar in the form of cakes, regular chocolates, and cookies or whether you’ve opted for carbohydrates such as rice, pasta or potatoes, you’re heading towards the hair loss direction.

What’s important here is to avoid processed foods and keep you carbohydrates content at a balanced amount.


Foods Rich with high Mercury Content LevelsFoods that Contain Mercury

Image: Pexels

Many types of fish available in the market today contain increasingly alarming rates of mercury. This can be found in the form of popular consumed species like tuna or mackerel, amongst others.

These fish contain mercury which can, in turn, be converted to methyl mercury, a substance that’s not only toxic but aggravates hair loss. Besides the certain types of fish, corn syrup is also high in mercury, so you need to be careful about the ingredients while selecting canned and boxed food items. 


Foods that are Deep Fried

Deep Fried Foods Image: Pexels

Oily foods that deep fried in oil or fat contain increased amounts of hydrogenated oils. Diets containing fatty foods like these cause every male body’s testosterone levels to increase. And believe it or not, the end result is distinct patterns of baldness seen in males.


Selenium-containing Foods

Food with Selenium  Image: Pexels

Selenium is the name given to a micromineral. This means the requirement of selenium in the body is very less. When taken in high amounts, they increase your chances of hair loss.

Foods such as tuna fish, shrimps, lobster, Brazilian nuts and even whole wheat bread are sources rich in this micronutrient and hence can be responsible for your hair fall.


Vitamin A

You may be shocked to hear this but even when consumed in excessive amounts, Vitamin A can be harmful to your body, hair in particularly.

Studies have shown that vitamin A in the form of multivitamins can be consumed without fear but when taken alone as a sole supplement, it can prove to be dangerous.


Products containing Artificial Sweeteners

Foods with Artificial Sweeteners Source: Pexels

From sugar-free cakes, diet sodas to sucrose enriched gummies, the use of artificial sweeteners in the form of aspartame is a common trend in today’s time. With that being said, artificial sweeteners have been proven to cause hair thinning and increased brittleness of hair textures, ultimately leading to hair fall.


It’s as simple as that. Although hair fall may be caused by a series of events, and diet plays a crucial role in maintaining hair that is healthy, strong and shining. Following a healthy diet and using authentic remedies like Magnolia’s Scalp Treatment would give back your hair the lost shine and density.

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