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Are you using edge control or hair gels? Then you will want to read this!

Slayed edges


Hair gel or edge control is an excellent tool to keep your hair in any desired shape, resulting in beautiful, innovative hairstyles that have become part of everyday life in recent decades. The hairstyles of pigeon lovers were once reserved exclusively for the rich. They were also very difficult to maintain and required a lot of work. In fact, in the past, people found wigs more comfortable! This has changed dramatically over the last century with the advent of innovative hair products such as gel and edge control. They allow you to keep your hair in shape, can be applied quickly, anytime and by anyone. This has led to a renaissance of fancy hairstyles, this time for everyone: hair gels and edge control products are easy to find and affordable.

Hair gels and edge control products are good but they also have side effects.  Below, I will discuss the various concerns regarding the use of gel and edge control as a styling product and the effects of long-term overuse. I have to tell you that all commercial hair products contain harmful chemicals and that these chemicals can cause hair problems. It is therefore always preferable to choose natural hair gels.

Here are some facts about hair gels/edge control

The best use of a hair gel/edge control is for short or pungent hairstyles. This is because all that is needed is a simple grip and a gel offers it very well. If you have a long mane, a gel or edge control is not your best option because it will make your dresses rigid and artificial. That being said, there are exceptions to this rule. Some hairstyles such as Mohawks or finger waves require larger gel applications, as a handle is essential to preserve this hairstyle, regardless of its length.

Hair gels and edge control products are made of water. This is what gives it, its syrupy nature. Gels also contain other ingredients such as polymers, plasticizers, and waxes. Most also contain parabens and it has been shown that parabens are dangerous for the body.

If you are allergic,  hair gel is not the best way to style your mane. The perfume and the filler they contain can irritate your allergies. Gels have a dry effect on the mane and scalp thanks to the alcohol and plasticizers they contain. And the other chemical components contained in them have also been shown to cause hair loss, affecting everything from fertility to liver and kidney function. Gels also clog hair pores and hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

There are other products that mimic the maintenance effects of hair gel and edge control, but they also tend to be dangerous for you. Commercial products such as hair spray, ointment, wax, mousse, cream and they all offer a hollow and stylish effect, but they are also accompanied by dangerous side effects and potential hair loss.

So, what is the solution to style the hair you want without the side effects?

The option is to use natural herbal hair gel or edge control products. It is also advised to use hairspray for natural hair and also hair mousse for natural hair. These products are 100% natural and contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera and hibiscus extracts. These extracts not only stop your hair for each hairstyle. They nourish and promote hair growth.

The plant recommended is 100% natural and contains both hibiscus and Aloe Vera. Simply apply the gel in two ways. To promote hair growth, apply to spots that become bald or thinner. If you want to use it as a hold or styling gel: Take some and style according to your needs.....

In short, make a firm choice to use a natural herbal gel to style your hair and also a good herbal edge control product during your fine hair care routine. A  good one will not only keep a hairstyle but will also promote healthy hair. All this without side effects.

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