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Alcohol and Hair Loss

Alcohol and Hair Loss

The presence of alcohol in food or wine is a common phenomenon. We consume it every so often, forgetting about the severe consequences this can have on our body, hair included.

Does alcohol cause hair to fall out? What amount is considered an acceptable consumption to avoid these circumstances? Are there any consequences of taking in too much? And what are the effects on your hair for those who consume alcohol as a regular habit?

If these are the types of questions you’re wondering, we’ve got some great news for you. We’ll cover all this and more, showing you the real side of the story when it comes to alcohol consumption and its contribution towards hair loss.




The Robbing Effects of Alcohol on your Hair



Alcohol consumption has been proven to cause dehydration of your hair. That means taking in alcohol removes every little bit of moisture from your hair. And the end result is not very pleasing.

From dry hair to easily breakable strands, your hair is left with a dull appearance, brittle texture and dandruff. When hair becomes brittle, it breaks and falls out, while dandruff makes hair matters worse.


Reduces hair growth

Science has revealed that hair is always constantly growing, 90% of the time to be exact. When alcohol is consumed, the levels of iron in your body begin to decrease. And that is turn leads to a common problem known as Telogen Effluvium. Your hair is prevented from increasing in growth, it begins to fall out with ease and hair loss is evitable. Imagine an extreme cycle comprising of no new growth and excessive hair loss. It is drastic indeed.


Increases estrogen levels in the body, leading to hair fall

Once you begin to consume alcohol on a regular basis, you are allowing your body’s levels of estrogen to increase. The end result is hair that breaks from the root surface causing an extreme form of hair loss.


Reduces your body’s zinc levels, stripping hair of its natural ability to grow

Hair is known to age quickly when zinc levels are decreased. That means your hair is now more susceptible than ever to fall out at a faster pace.


Alcoholics –Increased Toxins and Decreased Vitamins

Once you become an alcoholic, your diet would be deficit from all the natural goodness of health and vitality. An irregular unbalanced diet with decreased vitamin content leads to brittle or weakened hair.

Alcohol works to use up your levels of vitamins B and C as well as decreases your body’s folic acid levels. These are the ingredients for getting those strong luscious locks.

If that’s not bad enough, alcoholics have increased levels of toxins circulating in their bodies. These also lead to rapid hair loss. Alcoholics have damaged livers and that means your body isn’t able to obtain the nutritional requirements it deserves for healthy hair due to poor digestion.


Alcohol and Sleep are Inversely Related

Consuming alcohol on a regular basis deprives your body of getting the sleep it requires. A good night’s sleep has always played a key role in maintaining health and beauty. The lesser the sleep, the more the stress and the greater the hair loss you are left to face.


The drastic effects of alcohol as a major contributing factor to hair loss can be seen from above. Why indulge in a pleasure that harms your beauty and body in the long term is a question worth pondering upon. It’s about time to stop and do something about it. Use Magnolia’s Scalp Treatment to reverse the effect while you work on your addiction. 


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