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6 Reasons Why Green Tea Stops Hair Loss

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How Does Green Tea Stops Hair Loss

The fad to look lean, trim and thin is a notion that continues to strive in an image-conscious world of today. And with crash diets, healthy meal planning and exercises galore, there’s one common product consumed by individuals across the globe and that is green tea.

Green tea is known for its numerous health benefits. Besides proven benefits like aiding digestion, increasing the fat burning process, and allowing your skin to look great, green tea is also beneficial for those suffering from hair loss.

To help you understand the benefits of green tea in terms of maintaining health hair, we’ve listed down the science that revolves around how green tea can prevent any hair loss related problem. Let’s take a look.


Here’s How Green Tea Stops Hair loss


Natural catechins present in green tea are a magical ingredient

If you think that sounds a farfetched, look at the evidence being provided below.

Every time you sip that cup of green tea, you are introducing into your body a plethora of catechins. Catechins are known for their ability to suppress the hormone dihydrotestosterone, an element known for causing hair loss and balding related hair problems.


An array of essential compounds

Other than catechins, green tea extracts contain many other natural ingredients known to provide your body with health and vitality. From the presence of carotenoids and zinc to chromium and tocopherols, the list is endless.

All these nutrients being mentioned above have the ability to provide your hair with health, re-growth, and abstinence from hair loss.


Rich source of polyphenols

Polyphenol is commonly found as the listed ingredient EGCG in green tea products. This form of polyphenol works to promote hair growth. It has been proven in cell culture experiments in the past.

Other than that, the chemical compound polyphenol can increase your hair root’s strength as well as activate the hair’s follicle system. Both these processes lead to hair re-growth of a revolutionary kind.


Aids in fighting depression and stress

Green tea is known for its soothing properties, especially during times of distress and depression. Both these emotional conditions have been shown as leading factors for hair loss. When green tea aids these conditions, you no longer have to worry about any hair loss problems associated with these types of conditions.


Promotes anti-inflammatory actions

Green tea has the ability to act against the body’s on-going inflammatory process. By reducing levels of inflammation in your body, you are also saved from the hair loss problems that come alongside increased inflammation.


Destructs parasites in the scalp region

Be it a bacterial condition or a fungal infection, your scalp is prone to being affected by parasites of numerous kinds.

 Parasites tend to weaken the hair strand’s overall structure as well as their ability to cause redness and itchiness on the scalp. The end result is hair loss. When you wash your scalp with green tea, you can wave these parasites goodbye.


The numerous advantages of green tea make it a beneficial drink for your overall health, including your hair in particular. Who knew sipping down mugs of this refreshing ailment could have such astonishing results in your mind, body, and soul.

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