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Our Mission is to provide high quality alternatives to the chemically produced products on the market that do more harm than good to you hair and skin.

​Magnolia's products was formulated not out of need or want to find the next big thing in hair care or to tap into some under served market. It was born out of the need to find something inexpensive, that works, and that is truly good for you hair and skin.
What started the long process of trial and error, testing on himself, and perfecting a product that was only intended to meet the needs of his family.
From there grew were several products a beard oil that soothes the itch and irritation caused by shaving and new hair growth. A hair and skin oil that is strong enough to help repair, grow, strengthen hair of customer that suffer from psoriasis and lupus, yet gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin such as eczema, and light enough to be used on thin hair, biracial hair, or Hispanic/Spanish /Brazilian hair without weighing it down. A scalp treatment capable of healing scalp issues and repairing damaged hair, while keeping hair soft and healthy looking.
And made only with USDA certified ingredients.